Possibly, probably the most delicious overnight oats ever

This recipe works as a breakfast or a dessert and is utterly delicious. A great example of only a simple switch needed to make a tasty vegan-friendly treat!

For those tracking macros, this recipe is 357kcal with % energy split: 77C/14F/8P.



• 1/2 cup of porridge oats (~40g)

• 1 cup of chocolate oat or soya milk (or any other non-dairy milk of your choice but chocolate gives sweetness without having to add additional sugar)

• A generous dollop of Alpro coconut yogurt (or again, other non-dairy yogurt of your choice would work just fine)

• A handful of frozen red berries (only realised as I was eating it this mix has red grapes in!!!)



1. Place oats in a bowl

2. Pour in milk and dollop on the yogurt, give it a mix with a spoon

3. Add berries in a pretty layout (…or just throw on top of mix like I did)

4. Cover and leave in the fridge overnight

5. My recommendation is to take out of the fridge and leave to warm up slightly before eating as the berries are likely to still be very, very cold and could hurt sensitive teeth.




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  1. Yumm! I always end up having oats for breakfast. I say I’ll have something different but can’t resist!


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