Seeded Protein Slice


Super simple, quick, easy, tasty, inexpensive protein-packed vegan treat anyone!?

I thought as much.

For those tracking macros, this recipe is 99kcal/portion with % energy split: 46C/15F/36P.

Recipe is 8 servings.



• 1 cup of oats

• 3 scoops (~75g) vegan protein powder

• Hazelnut/other dairy free milk (also works with chocolate soya (mmmm) but this will increase the sugar content slightly)

• Sprinkle of mixed seeds (optional)



1) In a large bowl, mix together oats and protein powder

2) Gradually stir in milk until a batter is formed (I think I used about 100ml but can’t be sure so go easy)

3) Press batter into a grease proof paper lined cake or loaf tin

4) Sprinkle with a handful of seeds (optional) and press them in slightly so they stick

5) Bake at 180c for ~15 minutes




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