Vegan Banana Bread

What a treat this delicious banana bread is – and a great way to use up the ‘past it’ bananas that are making your fruit bowl look sad.



• 3-4 bananas (browner the better…if you’re like me and freeze bananas that are on the turn, defrost these (peel and all!) in the microwave for 1min30, peel, et voila)

• 225g of self-raising flour (I used gluten free flour because I’m a nice housemate)

• ~75g of caster sugar, to taste

• Generous sprinkle of cinnamon, to taste

• Dribble of vanilla flavouring, to taste

• 80g of vegetable oil (olive works just fine)



1) Peel the bananas and in a large bowl mash the squidgy innards (I used a potato masher which actually worked very effectively).

2) Gradually stir in the flour and sugar.

3) Add cinnamon and vanilla and give the mixture a good stir to combine into a runny batter.

4) Pour mixture into a grease proof paper lined loaf tin

5) Bake at 200c – after ~15 minutes, check on your masterpiece by sticking a spoon handle in the middle – it should come out clean if done, otherwise add another 10 minutes onto the baking time. If the top starts to burn, cover with baking parchment before returning to the oven.

6) Repeat step 5 if necessary – mine took around 30mins in total, but ovens do vary.




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