Vegan Banana & Almond Bread

A slight tweak on my delicious vegan banana bread, I wanted to challenge myself to make a recipe without adding any sugar and reducing the oil. All sweetness in this recipe is naturally from the bananas, cinnamon and vanilla. I also substituted some of the flour for ground almonds, and topped with whole almonds for an added crunch. Yum!

142kcal per serving (based on 10 slices) with macro split 47%C/44%F/9%P.

Recipe makes 8-10 slices of delicious bananery heaven.



• 3-4 frozen bananas, defrosted (~280g peeled weight)

• 150g of self-raising flour (I used gluten free flour because I’m a nice housemate)

• 75g ground almonds

• Generous sprinkle of cinnamon, to taste

• Dribble of vanilla flavouring, to taste

• 10ml of vegetable oil (olive works just fine)

• 10g whole almonds to top (optional)



1) Defrost and peel the bananas (instructions for defrosting can be found here).

2) In a large bowl mash the squidgy innards and add cinnamon, oil and vanilla extract. Give mixture a stir.

3) Gradually sieve in the flour, folding it into the wet mix.

4) Mix in ground almonds and give the mixture a good stir to combine into a runny batter.

5) Pour mixture into a grease proof paper lined loaf tin

6) Bake at 200c – after ~15 minutes, check on your masterpiece by sticking a spoon handle in the middle – it should come out clean if done, otherwise add another 10 minutes onto the baking time.

7) Repeat step 6 if necessary – mine took around 15mins in total, but ovens do vary.



Chickpea & Coconut Curry

This is a creamy, indulgent dish whilst still having lots of vegetables and a good balance of macros: use reduced fat coconut milk and this one’s a guilt free treat.

The recipe below serves 6 – great for meal preppers.

For those tracking macros, 1 portion (not including rice / noodles) is 293kcal/portion with % energy split: 59C/26F/15P.



• 1 tbsp olive oil

• 1 chopped onion

• 2 chopped garlic cloves

• 200g chopped carrots

• 200g chopped bell peppers

• 200g frozen green beans

• 1 vegetable stock cube (I used reduced salt)

• 1 can low fat coconut milk

• 1 can chickpeas

• 1 tsp garam masala

• 1 tsp black pepper

• 1 tsp coriander



1) Slice onion, garlic, carrots, peppers etc.

2) Gently fry sliced onion and garlic for a 1 minute or 2 before adding carrots and bell peppers.

3) Once veggies are starting to soften, add green beans and chickpeas and give the mix a stir.

4) Crumple over the stock cube, add black pepper, garam masala and coriander (or any other herbs, spices, seasonsings you fancy getting creative with!). Add 100ml freshly boiled water and mix to make a sauce.

5) Stir in coconut milk and allow to simmer gently for 5-10 minutes until the vegetables have all softened to desired amount.